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Information of the new portal

La Generalitat and ICT

Since 1996, the Generalitat has leveraged an in-depth transformation of its Administration through ICT, and has fostered the spreading of the Information Society in the Valencian Community, through its various modernization plans: PEMAV and Moderniza.com.

In 2004, after a phase of analysis and consideration, the Generalitat, presented the new strategic plan for Advanced Communications and the Technological and Knowledge Society called "AVANTIC Valencian Community advancing with the technologies." The aim is to adapt to the new challenges that the Valencian Community is facing and profit from all the possibilities offered by the emerging technologies, to take a qualitative leap along the path towards iAdministración (Intelligent Administration as the next step in maturity, surpassing the concept of Electronic Administration associated with the Information Society).

The project "SIMAC Integrated Multi-Channel System for Citizen Assistance" was born in this context as a means to evolve the current situation from the Electronic Administration in the Valencian Community towards new heights of excellence in distribution and provision of public services to citizens.

The new portal

In recent years, the Generalitat has, by using the new Technologies, leveraged an in-depth transformation of the Administration, a transformation that has enabled a technological leap to be taken, placing the Comunitat Valenciana - Community of Valencia - at the forefront of the Public Administrations of the 21st century

In this context, the new portal of the Generalitat www.gva.es was born.

A portal that was born with the purpose of facilitating user access to the services and, with this aim, includes in the welcome page links to the procedures that are most in demand by citizens, access to all the electronic services of the Generalitat, and direct accesses to the web sites and services of most interest.

It also includes a powerful search engine built with Google technology, that facilitates the search for and location of services. And as if this were not enough, it also allows browsing on the basis of the group for which the services are intended: citizens, companies and administrations, where the visitor can choose by dual classification:

Based on vital facts: I need to go to the doctor, I want to buy a flat, or I want to set up a company.

By theme areas: financial aids and subsidies, employment, culture, education or environment.

Another outstanding aspect is access to the Generalitat's service guide, the PROP guide, where the user can, by means of specialized search engines, easily access useful information about procedures and services, the Generalitat's personnel, registration offices, departments, legal bodies, points where a digital signature can be obtained, and Local Administrations of the Comunitat.

The new portal is a modern one, built with last generation technologies, which facilities access to the comprehensive electronic services offer of the Generalitat.

From the new portal, you can initiate the processing of a file by electronic means, receive the latest news about the Generalitat on your mobile or email account, and even consult an 012 number operator on-line through the Chat service.

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