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Simulación de Tramitación Telemática en la Generalitat Valenciana (Cl@ve-firma)

Code SIA : 217443
Code GUC : 13141
Department: Conselleria de Hacienda, Economía y Administración Pública
Deadline for application: OPEN
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Basic information

What is it and what is it for?

This procedure allows a simulation to be performed of an online Generalitat Valenciana procedure. The aim is for members of the public to familiarise themselves with the steps involved in processing the administration's online procedures and to check that the equipment from which they are going to carry out a procedure is suitable for this purpose. The simulation carried out as part of this procedure is an application to take an examination. All the steps are completely fictitious, although the person doing the simulation will be able to see the result in their citizen folder once they have finished the procedure. Completing this procedure does not involve any administrative action.


• If the application is to be submitted as a representative, either of a natural person or a legal entity, it should be borne in mind that, in a real procedure, not a simulation, the representative will need to prove their status, either at the start of the procedure or during the processing of the procedure. - The means of accrediting representation online is through: The Comunitat Valenciana Technology and Electronic Certification Agency (ACCV) Representatives Register or, In the case of full representation, for any procedure and before any Public Administration, through the General State Administration's Electronic Power of Attorney Register. - It is important to highlight that the procedure may be carried out even if the representation is not initially accredited; in a real procedure, in the event that this representation is not registered online, it will be required later by the body managing the procedure. - To prove that you are a representative, you can register as a representative for the Simulation Procedure in the ACCV's Representatives Register. Under this circumstance, when you enter your Citizen Folder you will be able to view your representation and you will be able to see everything related to this procedure, both the applications submitted by you as a representative and those submitted by the interested party you represent for the simulation procedure.

Who can request it?

Any citizen can use this procedure. It is also possible to carry out the procedure as a representative.


Throughout the year


To start the online procedure, click on the icon "APPLICATION Authenticated submission" which appears on this page at the top right-hand side or at the end of the SUBMISSION section. You must have one of the identification and signature systems accepted at the GVA Online Portal. The Electronic Processing Assistant will indicate the steps to be carried out, you will see that when you are in the payment step, which is optional, you can simulate the payment of the fee through the SARA system, and to do this you can attach a document of proof that you have stored on the device with which you are carrying out the procedure. It is important to remember that you must carry out the Register step, as this is the step when the completed information is sent to the Administration. If you do not complete this step by completing the Registrar step, the processing will not be completed and the application will have no effect.

Where to ask questions about the process

Processing process

As this is a simulation of an online procedure, it is not available for processing in person. It is processed online via the link "APPLICATION Authenticated submission", which can be found at the top right of this page or at the bottom of the page.

Exhausts administrative life