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Procedures and Services

What does the section Procedures and Services include?

Procedures and services signify any application for or delivery of information that individuals or legal entities in the private and/or public sector submit to a department or organization, whether to fulfill an obligation, obtain a benefit or service, or for the purpose of a resolution being issued. The procedure implies that the individual (citizen or administrative body) must fulfill an obligation or is obliged to conserve information. The procedure is necessary in order to carry out an activity. The service is a process that the individual carries out to obtain a public service or a benefit, or to execute or initiate a procedure with no obligation involved. Information can be obtained on:

  • The aim or purpose of the procedure or service.
  • Who can access this, that is, to whom it is addressed and the requirements that must be fulfilled.
  • Amount and payment of taxes and rights, as well as the amounts comprising subsidies, financial aids, grants and awards.
  • Where the interested party should apply to carry out the procedures, especially that which will institute the procedure.
  • The documentation that must be submitted, as well as the submission period.
  • Procedures that will be followed by the Administration.
  • Penalties that may derive from failure of the interested party to fulfill his obligations.
  • Other important aspects of the procedure or service.
  • Legal and/or documentary sources, that is, the regulations that cover the procedure.