Searcher of registries

Searcher of registries

Sect. 38.4 of Act 30/1992 establishes:

Written applications and communications addressed to Public Administration bodies may be submitted by citizens at:

That applications, certificates and notifications addressed by citizens to Public Administration bodies could be submitted to:

  • Administrative registers to which they are addressed.
  • Any administrative body registers belonging to the State General Administration, any Autonomous Community Administration, or any from the Bodies that form the Local Administration, if the appropriate Agreement, for the latter, has been signed.
  • Post offices, as established according to regulations in force.
  • Spanish diplomatic or consular offices abroad.
  • Anywhere else as established by current regulations.

As per collaboration agreements undersigned by Public Administrations, registers intercommunication and coordination systems should be established to guarantee IT compatibility and electronic transfer of record entries and requests, briefs, notifications and documents presented to any register.

The submission of a document addressed to a local entity in a State or Autonomous Community General Administration is fully valid.

The entry date for such records shall be valid for citizens fulfillment of deadlines, even though resolution terms count as from the entry date in the recipient local entity.

By contrast, the submission of a document from a local entity addressed to the State General or Autonomous Community Administration, except previously produced after due agreement reached with such Administration, shall not be valid

  • Of the Generalitat: Recording any document addressed to the State or Autonomous Communities Administrations and local entities (in Alicante, Castellón and Valencia PROP buildings and the Raquena Office).
  • Municipal: As they adhere to the Framework Agreement signed by the State General Administration and the Government (remaining PROP Offices).

Different bodies depending on consellerias Councils have registers where documents addressed to the State General Administration, as with any Government's service, other Autonomous communities or local entities may be submitted.

Regardless of PROP Offices availability, municipalities, provincial councils or associations could sign the Framework Agreement for the gradual implementation of a networked system of registers between the State General Administration, the Government Administration and local entities from such autonomous community.

Once such adhesion procedure is finalized the Agreement, states that:

City Council or local entities registers should admit any application, certificate and notification submitted by citizens addressed to any State General Administration or Government Administration bodies and public law entities linked to or depending on both, regardless of their location.

However, the Agreement does not allow Local Entities registers to receive applications, certificates or notifications addressed to the following bodies, entities and institutions:

  • Administrations from other Autonomous Communities other than the Government's
  • Local entities other than the undersigned.
  • Public law entities linked to or dependant on other Autonomous Communities other than the Government or other Local Entities.
  • Universities (except for the National Distance Education University (UNED), the Menéndez and Pelayo International University linked to the State General Administration).
  • General Courts, Constitutional Court, Judiciary General Council, Valencia Courts and Valencia community Higher Judicial Court.
  • Ombudsman and Auditing Office, Greuges Ombudsman and Comptes Government Ombudsman
  • Regional Bodies (courts and tribunals)
  • Civil, Commercial and Property Registry and Mining Rights Registry.