Application for admission to university degree courses at public universities and their affiliated centres in the Comunitat Valenciana for the academic year 2024/2025 (pre-enrolment)

Conselleria de Educación, Universidades y Empleo

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Closed term

From 17-06-2024

Until 05-07-2024 14:00:59h

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What is

What is it and what is it for

1. Students who meet the corresponding academic requirements and wish to access a university degree course offered by a centre belonging to or affiliated to a public university in the Valencian university system, must apply for admission through the general pre-enrolment process set out in the agreements established by the Management Commission for Access and Pre-enrolment Processes at Public Universities in the Valencian university system, which are published for each academic year in the DOGV.


2. For the purposes of university admissions, the Valencian public universities will be considered as a single university, and therefore the pre-enrolment process will be common and standardised in all of them, regardless of the university in which a student has passed the entrance exam.

The Valencian public universities are:

-Universitat de València

-Universitat Politècnica de València

-Universidad de Alicante

-Universitat Jaume I de Castelló

-Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche



RequestClosed term
17-06-2024 to the 05-07-2024 14:00:59h

Queries regarding the documentation to be provided, processing and reception of pre-enrolment forms:

Universitat de València: Information and Promotion Service (SeDi). Av. Menéndez Pelayo, s/n. Aulario 3, 1er. piso. 46010 València. Tel. 96 386 40 40, 963 82 85 03, 963 54 40 60,

Universitat Politècnica de València: Student Services, Access Unit. Edificio E2 (planta baja). Camino de Vera s/n.46022 València. Tel: 96 387 74 01, 96 3 87 70 07 Poli[Consulta] Comunicación UPV

Universidad de Alicante: Student Services, Access Department. Campus de San Vicente del Raspeig. 03690 San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante). Tel: 96 590 38 51

Universitat Jaume I de Castelló: INFOCAMPUS (Information and Registration Office). Àgora universitària, locales 14-

15. Telephone: 96 472 80 80.

Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche: Studies Management Service, Rectorate and Social Council Building, Av. De la Universidad, s/n. 03202 Elche. Alicante Tel 96 665 86 51/96 552 25 17.

In case of errors and problems with the website:

Conselleria for Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society: General Management for Universities. Av. Campanar, 32, 46015 València.

Tel. 961923335 /961923414 /961970802/961970890

Email address:


Who is it addressed to

Interested people

Applicants who are in one of the situations listed below.

-Students holding a Spanish Baccalaureate qualification or another qualification declared as equivalent.

-Students holding a European Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate qualification.

-Students holding a Baccalaureate or a secondary school level qualification, diploma or studies from education systems in the European Union Member States or other States with which international agreements applicable in this field have been signed, on a reciprocal basis.

-Students holding qualifications, diplomas or studies recognised as equivalent to the Spanish Baccalaureate, obtained or completed in education systems of States that are not members of the European Union with which international agreements have not been signed for the recognition of the Baccalaureate on a reciprocal basis.

-Students holding the official qualifications of Higher Vocational Training Technician, Higher Technician in Plastic Arts and Design or Higher Sports Technician belonging to the Spanish Education System, or qualifications, diplomas or studies declared equivalent or accredited as equivalent to these qualifications.

-Students holding qualifications, diplomas or studies, other than those equivalent to the qualifications of Baccalaureate, Higher Vocational Training Technician, Higher Technician in Plastic Arts and Design, or Higher Sports Technician in the Spanish Education System, obtained or completed in a European Union Member State or in other States with which international agreements applicable in this respect have been signed, on a reciprocal basis, when these students meet the academic requirements demanded in said Member State for access to its universities.

-People over the age of 25 who have passed the university entrance exam.

-People over 40 years of age with work or professional experience related to an educational field.

-People over the age of 45 who have passed the university entrance exam.

-Students in possession of an official university degree, master’s degree or equivalent qualification.

-Students in possession of an official university qualification of University Diploma, Technical Architect, Technical Engineer, Graduate, Architect, Engineer, corresponding to the previous university education system or an equivalent qualification.

-Students who have partially completed foreign or Spanish university studies, or who, having completed foreign university studies, have not obtained official recognition in Spain and wish to continue their studies at a Spanish university. In this case, it is an essential requirement that the corresponding university has recognised at least 30 ECTS credits.

-Students who were eligible for admission to university in accordance with the Spanish Education System regulations prior to Organic Law 8/2013, of 9 December.


How to process

Processing process

All students will submit their pre-enrolment application electronically in accordance with the Agreement adopted on 12 May 2023 by the Management Commission for Access and Pre-enrolment Processes at Public Universities in the Valencian University System, within the following deadlines: Single call: from 19 June 2023 to 7 July 2023.


-Students who have taken the university entrance exams (PAU) in June or July 2023,

-students from other autonomous communities,

-students who have taken the UNED university entrance exams,

-students from previous academic years,

-graduate students,

-students from vocational training courses,

-foreign students whether or not they have access to the university through the pathway provided for in Articles 9.1.b and 9.2.b and c of Royal Decree 412/2014, of 6 June, and who have obtained the corresponding accreditation from UNED.

The deadline on 7 July is 14:00.



1. Students who access the university by the route provided for in Articles 9.1.b and 9.2.b and c of the aforementioned royal decree, the deadline on 9 July is 14:00. If you cannot submit the pre-registration application within the previous period, the application will again be accessible to this student body from July 15 to July 31 2024 to submit their pre-enrolment application at the following address The deadline on 31 July is 14:00. Applications submitted by students belonging to this group will be taken into account and the admission rights of these students will be respected.

2. Students from other autonomous communities or students taking exams at UNED, who sit the university entrance exams for the 2022-2023 academic year in their respective extraordinary calls, as well as students from higher level training cycles in the Comunitat Valenciana who complete their studies in the extraordinary call for the current academic year, who cannot participate in the ordinary pre-enrolment process because they do not know their grades within the pre-enrolment period, will apply directly to the public universities in the Comunitat Valenciana to request a place when they have their grades, in September, and will have the same awarding rights as students from the Comunitat Valenciana who have passed the university entrance exam in the extraordinary call in July 2023.



Closed term

Single call: from 17 June 2024 until 7 July 2024. The deadline on 5 July is 14:00.

Students with foreign studies see NOTE in Processing.

Form of presentation
All students must submit their applications online. No student may submit a paper-based pre-enrolment application to a university. On accessing the website, applicants will find the necessary instructions and messages presented by the help assistant.


    The results of the Pre-enrolment process for the 2024-2025 university course will be made public on 12 July at 14:00. Students may lodge an appeal against the results of the pre-enrolment process on 15, 16 and 17 July. The deadline on 17 July is 14:00. The final results of these appeals will be...
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