PROP's Offices

PROP's Offices

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The PROP information system consists of a network of offices that are geographically distributed to provide general information about the Generalitat's procedures and services and public job offers from the perspective of an efficient Administration oriented to the citizens of the Valencian Community.

Working hours (except local, regional or nation-wide public holidays):

Except the months of June to September (both inlcuded), Easter week and during school holidays of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany.

  • Monday to Thursday from 9 h to 15 h.
  • Friday from 9 h to 14:30 h.

The PROP offices offer the following services:

  • General information about any step on procedures, services or public job offers that could or must be carried out with the Generalitat administration.
  • Free delivery of official forms required to initiate or carry out procedures and services so that the latter can be completed in a single visit.
  • Information about the status of applications filed related to subsidies for housing plans, transport cards, financial assistance for housewives for the care of the elderly, calculation of tax on transfer of ownership of vehicles.
  • Information about the organization, powers, address, telephone number, fax and email address of the administrative units of the Generalitat, and about the fees for assistance and registration of documents.
  • Through a computerized system, they organize the assignment of shifts for assistance, thus minimizing waiting time and ensuring that citizens are directed correctly to any of the autonomous administrative - and, if appropriate, municipal - units, that are located in the office. By means of the waiting time management system we know that since the first PROP building was put into operation (in June 1996), over 10 million citizens have been attended to.
  • Through the register installed in the office itself, they provide citizens with a means to submit and register documents addressed to the Generalitat.
  • Refer to the Official Journal of the Valencian Community (DOCV).
  • Subscription to the (Alert Service.).

The information provided by the PROP offices is also available through telephone number 012 or Web. (PROP Guide).

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